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Yogi / Creative / Stargazer

* Sun sign: Sagittarius * Moon sign: Leo * Ascendant: Capricorn *

The weekly and the monthly planner combined are my favourite parts of Cosmoplanner. For me, it’s essential to structure the weeks ahead by bullet-pointing the main commitments and key tasks. It gives me an overview of my goals and helps me to unfold personal and professional projects by bringing clarity about priorities and a satisfying sense of achievement.

Reflecting about each cycle and putting words onto paper is an invaluable tool to gain clarity of inner guidance about the following month, and in time those directions manifested into my life. After identifying that I wanted to live in a different country, I specifically used the power of the Mercury cycle to plan and execute the big move. It felt like the universe has given me a fast-track pass! This worked great for a bigger life project!


Sunshine-haired creative human

* Sun sign: Leo * Moon sign: Pisces * Ascendant: Sagittarius *

My favourite part of the planner is the division of each month into four sections. Cosmoplanner helped me to slow down in order to speed up. I was always pushing so much, especially at work.

This planner has helped me see when to push and when to slow down with the moon cycles. And I, therefore, have a lot more energy than I did, and my accomplishments feel a lot more aligned.


Yoga teacher

* Sun sign: Pisces * Moon sign: Pisces * Ascendant: Scorpio *

My favourite part of Cosmoplanner is being able to set goals and make plans following the Moon cycle. The planner is well-done and easy to follow. The design is so beautiful.

This is the best planner I have ever used, and Ester is so knowledgeable.

I use Cosmoplanner not just for my life in general but at work for daily planning as well. I have always followed the Moon cycle, but I have never been able to really connect so deeply when planning mainly work goals. I immediately felt the difference with this planner; it helps me so much to stay focused and achieve my goals.


* Sun sign: Libra * Moon sign: Gemini * Ascendant: Sagittarius *

The phases of productivity, the monthly overview and planning are the most useful features of Cosmoplanner for me.

Cosmoplanner provides me with knowledge about productivity cycles and helps with not enforcing anything during periods of lower energy. 


* Sun sign: Pisces * Moon sign: Taurus * Ascendant: Aquarius *

My favourite part of Cosmoplanner is that you can easily see how it helps to make the best use of the different Moon phases. I am now planning my creative projects around those phases.

I create during the “Create and expand” phase in order to be visible. I finish off what I started creating during “Focus and complete”. I then take the time to rest before I use the “Plan and commit” phase to prepare for the next phase.


Fascinated by the darkness, loving the light.

* Sun sign: Taurus * Moon sign: Virgo * Ascendant: Leo *

My favourite part of Cosmoplanner is the beautiful design that makes you want to use the planner. The most useful parts for me are the monthly reflection and the Moon and Mercury phases.

I started to plan my work projects according to the different phases. The Moon and Mercury phases also help me understand why some things work or don’t work at a certain time.


Astrology, body, self-care and movement coach

* Sun sign: Gemini * Moon sign: Pisces * Ascendant: Virgo *

My favourite sections in Cosmoplanner are the tracker and project planner pages – absolutely invaluable. It made project planning easy and enjoyable, plus it’s packed with thought-provoking astrological insights and useful tips on how to get the most out of it, alongside it being beautifully designed with amazing artwork.

The monthly planner section has been really helpful as it helps me divide my projects according to their priorities and importance, so I have a clear idea and structured vision for the month ahead.


* Sun sign: Virgo * Moon sign: Pisces * Ascendant: Leo *

The thing I like most about Cosmoplanner is the overview of the different energies of the weeks in a month.

It has helped me the most with my planning.

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