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2024 COSMOPLANNER Moon Planner

A yearly Moon planner for 2024 designed to help you live in alignment with your cycle, the Moon and Mercury cycles. This magic planner will be your trusted companion on a journey towards understanding yourself better.

Imagine feeling like you have superpowers!

Unlock the magic of the cosmos and supercharge your creativity and productivity with our one-of-a-kind Moon planner for 2024.

Plan in alignment with the cosmos

Harness the Moon + Mercury energies for ease and flow

Supercharge your creativity and productivity


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Get your Cosmoplanner for 2024!

Flow with the cosmos. Live your dreams

Supercharge your creativity and productivity

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  • April 2024 New Moon Solar Eclipse In Aries
    Embrace Total Rebirth at the April 2024 New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aries. On April 8th, 2024, the cosmic stage is set for a powerful event: the New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Aries. This total eclipse amplifies the energy of new beginnings, making it a potent and fated time for transformation. The New Moon in Aries aligns with Chiron, the wounded healer, and Mercury, the planet of the mind. It signifies a potent blend of energies. This conjunction invites introspection into our mental landscapes and emotional wounds, encouraging us to confront and heal deep-seated insecurities and self-limiting beliefs.
  • March 2024 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra
    On March 25th, 2024, prepare for a celestial spectacle as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra takes centre stage at 5° Libra. While it’s a partial eclipse, it marks the beginning of the eclipse season, a time when the universe orchestrates events to align you with your true path and purpose. The eclipse season is a time of cosmic shifts and significant changes. Rather than fearing these events, you are encouraged to embrace them as opportunities for growth.
  • March 2024 Super New Moon In Pisces
    The March 2024 Super New Moon in Pisces is set to illuminate the skies on March 10th, 2024, at 20 degrees Pisces. A New Moon to embark on a journey of dreams, hopes, and cosmic surrender. Pisces, the mystical water sign, invites us to transcend the mundane and embrace the realm of imagination. We are at the final lunar cycle of the astrological year.

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