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Hello, fellow stargazer!

I’m Ester, creator of Cosmoplanner and I am so happy you are here.

This is the story of how I transformed from feeling overwhelmed and like a total failure to being empowered to follow my wildest dreams. It’s a journey that took me from despising planning and structure to embracing a cosmic rhythm that changed everything.

I’ve always been the rebellious type, afraid of planning, rules, and anything that felt too structured. For me, creativity was synonymous with freedom—freedom from the shackles of plans and structures. It meant tapping into the sheer magic of life and letting it guide me. Bank accounts, paperwork, and planners? Not my thing.

But life had other plans for me, when I was working as a photographer. The wake-up call hit hard one day on my way to a job. I unzipped my camera bag, heart pounding, only to find that my camera, my lifeline, was chilling at home.

Panic mode: engaged. Still, I stuck to my no-planning ethos.

The chaos that ensued was unbearable. Losing track of important stuff, forgetting to send invoices, double-booking jobs—you name it. My mind was bursting with creative ideas, but my body? It was paralyzed, overwhelmed, and utterly powerless. I felt like I was spiralling down, and the lack of planning seemed to be the culprit.

So, reluctantly, I caved in.

I got not one, not two, but three planners. Desperation mode: activated. I was ready to try anything to keep my dreams alive. Yet, as order returned, stress hit the roof.

Ever felt like a robot with a never-ending to-do list? Yeah, that was me.

Procrastination became my constant companion, and deadlines felt like ticking time bombs. The magical life I had envisioned? It turned into a race with no reset button in sight.

But then, a cosmic intervention.

One day, instead of mindlessly checking off tasks, I stumbled upon an astrology newsletter about the Mercury cycle, akin to the Moon’s cycle I had been following. It hit me—I had unknowingly started building my website at the beginning of a new Mercury cycle, which rules communication and media. It felt like the universe was giving me a nudge. Inspired, I decided to ride the cosmic wave and follow the Mercury cycle to complete my website. Three months later, I achieved what had eluded me for years.

I started to wonder, what if I aligned my workflow with the cosmic cycles of the Moon and Mercury?

And guess what?

Things started to flow. A sense of magic crept into my life. I felt connected, supported, and perfectly aligned. But here’s the twist—the planners I was using became obsolete.

I realised that the issue wasn’t planning per se; it was about what kind of planning I embraced. Traditional planning follows a linear system, treating all days, weeks, and months as equals. But nature doesn’t work that way. We are nature—we are cyclical, creative, cosmic, sensitive, intuitive, and downright magical. So, I created Cosmoplanner—a cosmic creative planning system that gave me the power to manifest my dreams without feeling restricted. Guiding me through my emotional ebbs and flows and transforming them into superpowers.

This system not only reshaped my life but became a game-changer for my friends too. I’m the friend who’s always ready with solutions, and watching the first draft of Cosmoplanner transform their lives fueled my desire to share it with the world.

I wanted to make a difference, to make the world a better place.

Cosmoplanner, inspired by the cosmos and guided by the stars, is more than just a planning tool. It’s a cosmic journey to empower you to manifest your dreams, all while living a life filled with magic, freedom, and creativity.

Join me on this cosmic adventure, and together, let’s make the world a better place!

Thank you for reading ♥

With love and care,


Cancer Sun | Leo Moon | Libra Rising.

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Here are some fascinating tidbits about me:

Starry-Eyed Beginnings: As a child, my summer nights were spent gazing at the stars, captivated by the mysteries of the cosmos.

Barcelona Roots: Hailing from Barcelona, I grew up surrounded by the enchanting masterpieces of Gaudi—Sagrada Familia and Park Güell were my childhood playgrounds.

Rocking the Photography Scene: Fate led me to London, where I became an award-winning photographer, capturing moments for rock stars worldwide. With a passion for finding the perfect interplay of timing and light within shadows.

Home Sweet Creative Home: For 15 years, I’ve thrived as a one-woman creative business owner, managing my time from the comfort of home.

A Soul-Searching Journey: In 2015, a dark night of the soul propelled me into a profound plant medicine experience, reshaping my perspective on life.

A Nomadic Existence: I live in the realm of everywhere and nowhere—a wanderer embracing the beauty of now.

Magic Enthusiast: I’m a firm believer in magic, discovering its presence in the mundane and the extraordinary alike.

Feel free to explore my creations—they’re inspired by the cosmos, infused with the essence of my journey and the magic that surrounds me! 💫

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