Cosmoplanner | The Creative Productivity Moon Planner

Cosmoplanner is an astrology-based productivity planner using the Moon phases and Mercury cycles.

It helps you plan and ride the natural energy cycles, and without stress, get a lot more done. Helping you to self-reflect, align to the cosmos and improve your workflow, Cosmoplanner is practical, simple, and effective. 


Cosmoplanner is an invitation to reconnect with the natural cycles and tapping into your natural creative and emotional cycles.

Made for those who want to be the better version of themselves, it can reduce stress and feeling overwhelmed by providing a practical tool to organise your daily life.

The Story

I was born and raised in Barcelona amongst the nature-inspired architecture of Gaudi. As a child, I spent my summer nights looking at the stars, and wondering about the cosmos.

At the beginning of the century, I moved to London. And, I became an award-winning rock photographer working worldwide – searching for the right timing and light in shadows. 

I spent 15 years organising my time and working from home as a one-woman creative business.

In December 2015 I went through a deep spiritual death and rebirth, that connected me to the divine feminine and the nature of cycles. But, it was not until 2019, after two more healing transformative crisis, that I decided to birth a planner.

I needed to bring my work, personal and spiritual life into alignment.

Being a photographer taught me the importance of timing.

Learning astrology gave me the tools to organise it.

By following the Moon phases and the Mercury cycle I found the perfect combination. So I was able to organise and maximise my time, monthly planning and mid-term goals, for my business and my life – in alignment.

As a result, I was no longer feeling like climbing a wall, but riding the wave instead.

Shortly after, Cosmoplanner was born!

I had found a way to live in harmony with the cosmos, mother nature, and my own natural cycles.

Flowing with the natural cycles allows you to know the best time to plan, create, focus, complete, rest and let go.

Today I dance with life. And I wish to share with you how to listen to the music of above to create your own dance, here in the below.

I can only hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

Ester S.

Cancer Sun | Leo Moon | Libra Rising.

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