As Above So Below – Cosmic Creative Planning

Live in alignment with the cosmos!

Cosmoplanner is an astrology-based productivity planner. Using the Moon phases and Mercury cycles you can plan, ride the natural energy cycles, and without stress, get a lot more done. Helping you to self-reflect, align to the cosmos and improve your workflow, Cosmoplanner is practical, simple, and effective. 

As Above So Below. 

As a child, I spent my summer nights looking at the stars. This turned into a curiosity about the cosmos and how it works and taught me the importance of living in alignment with the cosmic cycles.

Being a photographer taught me the importance of timing.  Following the Moon phases and the Mercury cycle. I found the perfect combination for organising my time, monthly planning, and mid-term goals, both for my business and personal life.

It has changed my life for the better, and I wanted to share it with others. 

Shortly after, Cosmoplanner was born!

Cosmoplanner can make the world a better place by increasing our connection to nature. 

Cosmplanner can improve our mental state by tapping into our natural creative and emotional cycles. It can reduce stress and feeling overwhelmed by providing a practical tool to organise our daily life.

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