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Please find below some videos for how to best use Cosmoplanner.

To help you integrate the system Cosmoplanner provides I created this videos to show how to best use Cosmoplanner..

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The content of the videos is aimed at helping you deepen your practice.

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As a Cosmoplanner customer, you get a free subscription to CosmoCalendar. A Google calendar you can add to your existing calendar that includes: Mercury reminders. Moon times (New, Full and Void of Course Moon), Daily Moon in Signs and info.

If you have not received the link to subscribe, please get in touch.

1 – Monthly planner part 1: Daily tracker.

How to use the daily tracker to implement new habits and routines. Keep track of your well-being goals, menstrual cycle or anything else you need tracking!

2 – Monthly planner part 2 : Project Planner.

How to organise your to-do list and projects so that it is easy to plan and know what to focus on.

3 – Weekly cycle

How to organise your week and keep track of your goals for the month.

BONUS: Use Cosmoplanner for growth and well being

How can Cosmoplanner help you to stay on top of your well being journey and help you grow.

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