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Traditionally, a New Moon Circle is a sacred gathering of women coming together to share and honour the New Moon.

In ancient communities, New Moon circles were a way to call in the divine feminine, as a way of grounding and open to receiving her wisdom.

Moon circles are a safe space to connect with others, share and feel supported in your strength and vulnerability.

New Moon Magic

A New Moon happens when the Moon and the Sun are on the same Zodiac degree in the sky. From Earth looks like they are together, the Moon is dark, and you cannot see her.

Leading up to the New Moon, the energy becomes calmer, inviting to go inwards and reflect. It is a time to listen to your intuition and reconnect with yourself.

New moons bring a new cycle and the opportunity to start again. It is the time to set intentions, start new projects and reset.

In her darkness, the Moon offers incredible manifesting powers to tap into when setting intentions.

New Moon ceremonies to set intentions is an ancient practice. When you consciously write down what you want, you co-create with the Universe. And in the process, you dissolve your inner resistance. The time of the New Moon is the most potent time to set intentions and up to 12h after. Up to 3 days is ok.

Do you want a new job or to start a new business? Are you feeling ready for a new relationship? Or lose weight and quit a bad habit?

Setting intentions with the New Moon’s energies can help you manifest that.

When you join a circle, those energies are amplified. 

What can you expect in a circle?

Moon circles can be in a physical place or online. Here at Cosmoplanner, we are working online.

Participating in a circle allows you to connect with others, share and listen and deepen your working practice with the Moon.

Every New Moon falls into a different zodiac sign, and it picks up the energy of that sign. A Moon circle is a beautiful way to tap into and work with those energies.

Each cycle is organised around the month’s theme to help you connect with those energies.

There will be time to connect, meditate and manifest.

What is the schedule?

After a short introduction:

  • Opening the Circle
  • Connect.
  • The theme of the cycle.
  • Release.
  • Transform your beliefs.
  • Work with the area of your life aligned to the Moon.
  • Guided meditation.
  • Intention setting.
  • Journaling and self-reflection.
  • Closing the Circle.

Ceremonies usually take around 1.5-2h, with plenty of time to work on your own manifestation process.

Join the Circle to:

  • Tap into your feminine manifesting power
  • Align to the cosmic energies
  • Connect with your heart’s desires
  • Gain awareness to bring positive changes into your life

I invite you to join the magic and safe space of the New Moon circles where transformation takes place.


Despite the world slowing down these past few years, it has still been hard to find time to really stop for an hour, reflect inward, breathe deeply and find time to refine what’s needed and what’s really important in our lives. That’s what Ester’s moon circle inspires. By coming together with other fierce, fiery women, led in meditation and expert guidance by lunar sage Ester S., the moon circle is a pause each month to commune, create and conjure a much-needed moment of self-care and insightful wisdom drawn from ancient knowledge and Ester’s own unique modern magick.


Next Circle: 26th September – 🌑 New Moon In Libra

Cosmoplanner - New Moon Circle
Illustration by Sarah Hards


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