The magic of the cosmos

In your hands

Cosmoplanner is a lunar-led creative productivity planner

Where your dreams come true

A planner unlike any other

FLOW with the magic of the Moon and Mercury

Set goals, and make plans in flow with Mercury, ‘our thinking’ and the Moon, ‘our emotions and creativity’. Cosmoplanner has all the tools to do that.

Know when it’s the best time to plan, create, focus and rest.

Cosmoplanner Yearly Planning Moon and Mercury

RECONNECT with your emotional and creative cycles

Cosmoplanner helps you understand how the Moon and your natural cycles affect you and how you can best use them. Reduce stress, overwhelm, and get a lot more done.

Helping you connect with the inner power of your ebbs and flows.

Cosmoplanner 2023 Information Moon cycles

FOLLOW the monthly guidance

Cosmoplanner gives you seasonal advice to stay connected to the seasonal rhythm. Helping you save money with seasonal food tips.

Helpful cosmic tips and journaling prompts.

Cosmoplanner 2023 Monthly Guidance

TRACK your cycle and habits

Cosmoplanner’s daily tracker makes it easy to track your cycle with the Moon cycle. Effortlessly integrated with the monthly project planner.

Easily develop new habits to improve your life.

Cosmoplanner 2023 Moon Planner Monthly

CULTIVATE the practice of gratitude

Living in gratitude is necessary for our well-being. It takes practice and time but the results are outstanding: more joy and less stress. Cosmoplanner has a weekly section for that.

Effortlessly practice gratitude, regularly.

Cosmoplanner 2023 Weekly Moon Planner

BE EMPOWERED by self-reflection

Use the monthly self-reflection section to clarify the changes you need to make. It is designed around the 3 pillars of self-reflection.

It also includes, Full Moon reflections.

Clarity is power.

Cosmoplanner 2023 Moon Planner Monthly review

BE SEDUCED by the stunning design

Cosmoplanner is carefully designed to be absolutely beautiful. From the high-end cover material to gold embossing, unique, inspiring illustrations, details, back pocket, colour choices, and more.

We believe in the beauty of planning.

Cosmoplanner 2023 Moon Planner Cover Detail

Practical, simple and effective

Easy to use without any knowledge of astrology.

A new way of living awaits you!


  • Yearly, monthly and weekly planning.
  • Vision tree, bucket lists and creative space.
  • Astrological monthly themes.
  • Seasonal tips including monthly guide on the best food to eat.
  • Dates for the Wheel of the Year seasonal festivities.
  • Monthly review for self-reflection.
  • Daily tracker to incorporate positive habits.
  • Weekly gratitude reflection to feel better.
  • Carefully selected inspiring quotations.
  • Tips for exploring the blessings of each New and Full Moon.
  • Moon and Mercury phases.
  • Daily Moon in signs, tips and advice.
  • Plenty of space for your notes, thoughts and doodles.
  • Information pages to work with Mercury, the Moon and menstrual cycles.

Cosmoplanner is available as either a printed book or a PDF digital download

“Favourite planner so far. So gorgeous, with so many helpful tools to organise and compartmentalise my life and feelings which is hell considering I’ve got ADHD and really struggle sorting stuff out. There’s also loads of helpful tips and information about the moon and Mercury and how to fit your life and plans with them. Honestly can’t recommend enough and already excited about the next years one.”


“I love this. I haven’t painted in over a year and using this I’ve already finished 2 art projects and have made great strides in writing and other projects. It’s only January 25. This has also impacted my career in a positive way. I’m not super into astrological stuff but this helps organize things instead of making me feel like I need to produce 100% of the time and yet doing it 0% of the time. It’s also gorgeous and easy to use.”


“This planner is beautiful and thoughtfully made. The layout is wonderful. It gives you the ability to organize from so many different levels, from the very short term to the very long. I don’t know how they crammed so much helpful info into one little planner but I love it. I would definitely recommend this for anyone, especially those who are, like me, organizationally challenged but want to be more in tune with the natural world.”


“Wow, I am totally blown away by this planner! It is packed with super useful ways to organize your life, all oriented around the moon and astrology. Plus, it’s gorgeous and very well made. I’m really enjoying the habit tracker, I’ve never tracked my habits this way and it’s been so helpful for me! And the monthly planner broken down into the moon phases is a game changer. There is so much useful info! TLDR: I’m obsessed and already planning to buy another next year! Thank you! <3"


“The item is of top quality as usual – this is my second year of ordering this calendar.  As a planner it surpasses all other planners I have tried during my 20 year working career, and adds that little extra by through astrological references deconstructing my tasks and goals into manageable items. The product arrived on time and in good condition – simply nothing to complain about here. Love it!”