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As a child I spent my summer nights looking at the stars which turned into a curiosity about horoscopes and zodiac signs.

For years it wasn’t much more than this until I learnt about planetary magick and more about the Moon. I started to follow the Moon cycles for personal development and spiritual gowth, and from there I started to get deeper into astrology and planetary cycles.  It was while I was working on my website (I am a photographer by trade) that I realised how much better it was to work aligned to the Mercury cycle.

I then decided to align my never-ending to do list to the Moon cycle and was amazed at how much my productivity increased and how I was able to keep track of all the different things going on in my life. That’s when I decided to create a planner that I could use for myself and that would also help others.    

Cosmoplanner was born!

I teamed up with tattoo artists Luci Rebizzi to create a prototype. From that first successful protytpe, Cosmoplanner 2021 followed. In order to be able to print it, a crowdfunding campaign was set up and successfully raised well above the original target!

Check out the crowdfunding page here

The 2021 planner has been designed by Heresie Design Studio  and illustrated by Sarah Hards and it looks so beautiful!! 

You can learn a little bit more about the planner here:

Thank you magickal planners!

Ester S.

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