New Moon In VIRGO September 2023

On September 15th, we are blessed with a wonderful New Moon at 21° Virgo. A highly auspicious New Moon to reset and set intentions.
This earthy New Moon in Virgo will move things forward and bring magic into our lives.
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Full Moon In PISCES August 2023

On August 31st, there is a Full Super Blue Moon at 7° in the dreamy sign of Pisces. It will be the second Full Moon this month (hence it is called a Blue Moon) and very close to the Earth (Super Moon). Full Super Blue Moons are rare and therefore, powerful. This Full Moon in Pisces is conjunct Saturn inviting you to take responsibility for your dreams.
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New Moon In LEO August 2023

On August 16th, there is a beautifully powerful New Moon at 23° Leo, a fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leo is the zodiac's big-heart sign and embodies the summer's essence: warmth, fun and creativity. This New Moon in Leo has a beautiful yet powerful energy due to Venus and Black Moon Lilith's active role (conjunction) and Uranus (square).
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Full Moon In AQUARIUS August 2023

On August 1st, we have a Super Full Moon at 9° Aquarius, an air (intellectual) sign that cares about the future.
Aquarius' symbol is the water bearer that washes away the past to make space for a fresh, new start. This Full Moon in Aquarius invites you to just do that in whatever aspect of your life you need clearing out and, in particular, releasing the wound of shining your light.
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New Moon In CANCER July 2023

On July 17th, there is a New Moon at 24° Cancer, an emotional water sign. The Moon, the ruler of Cancer, feels good, safe and protected, making this New Moon extra magical. The upcoming New Moon in Cancer starts a new lunar cycle focusing on self-care and emotional healing. And it invites you to trust the process of life.
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