July 2024 New Moon In Cancer

The July 2024 New Moon in Cancer is set to illuminate the sky on July 5th at 14° Cancer, bringing a powerful wave of emotional renewal and transformation. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is the sign of home, family, and deep-rooted emotions. It encourages us to connect with our origins and nurture our emotional world. However, this New Moon invites us to look beyond our past and embrace a future aligned with our true selves.
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June 2024 Full Moon In Capricorn

The June 2024 Full Moon illuminates the night sky in the ambitious sign of Capricorn on June 22nd, inviting you to connect deeply with your roots and set your sights on your highest aspirations. Occurring at 1° Capricorn, this Full Moon encourages you to reflect on your goals and dreams. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, symbolises determination, resilience, and long-term vision. Under this Full Moon, you're called to harness these qualities, focusing on your life's larger picture and the structures you've built to support it. This Full Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and opposes Venus and Mercury in Cancer. That is a lot of water (emotional) energy!
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June 2024 New Moon In Gemini

As the June 2024 New Moon graces the sky at 16° Gemini on June 6th, we're invited to embrace the dual nature of airy Gemini. Known for its adaptability and intellectual prowess, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind. The sign of the twins, Gemini, encourages us to explore new narratives and rethink old patterns. This New Moon makes powerful aspects: it is conjunct Venus and square Saturn in Pisces, adding layers of depth to this lunar event.
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May 2024 Full Moon In Sagittarius

As the May 2024 Full Moon illuminates the sky at 2° Sagittarius on May 23rd, we're urged to embrace the adventurous and optimistic spirit of Sagittarius. The Full Moon forms aspects that further enhance its power: sextile Pluto, trine Neptune, and opposite Venus and Jupiter. Sagittarius, a fire sign, embodies the optimistic and adventurous spirit of the zodiac. Full moons in Sagittarius often bring a sense of optimism, inspired by the archer's aim for the stars. This Full Moon is no exception, with Venus and Jupiter adding their blessings of love, abundance, and expansion to the mix.
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May 2024 New Moon In Taurus

As we welcome the New Moon in Taurus on May 8th, 2024, at 18° Taurus, we're invited to bask in the earthy abundance and steadfast energy of this sensual sign. Taurus, ruled by Venus, embodies qualities of stability, security, and appreciation for life's pleasures. This New Moon is particularly potent as it aligns with Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus, amplifying the potential for growth, love, and liberation. Additionally, it forms a harmonious sextile aspect with Saturn in Pisces, grounding our aspirations and commitments for the long haul.
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