Full Moon In LEO February 2023

OUT OF THE CAGE On February 5th, there is a roaring Full Moon at 16 degrees Leo. The sign of the lion, fiery, fixed and ruled by the Sun. The Moon is in Leo, and the Sun is opposite, in the sign of Aquarius (an intellectual sign). Leo stands for courage, confidence, loyalty, warmth, creativity and self-expression. The sign of the heart is about your deepest desires. Read more

New Moon In AQUARIUS January 2023

SHINE YOUR LIGH On January 21st, there is a New Moon at 1 degree Aquarius and the start of a new Lunar year. Aquarius is a fixed, air (intellectual) sign ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Words associated with Aquarius are forward-thinking, visionary and unique. In an Aquarian world, everyone has value, and everyone’s uniqueness contributes to the whole. Everyone is free to shine their light. Read more


2023 comes with significant shifts in the sky that will undoubtedly be felt on Earth - collectively and individually. Significant changes can be experienced like the storm before the calm. Read more

Full Moon In CANCER January 2023

THE WARRIOR WITHIN On January 6th, there is the first Full Moon of 2023 at 16 degrees in the emotional sign of Cancer. A water, cardinal sign ruled by the Moon and symbolised by the crab. Cancer is associated with loyalty and care for those you love - an empathetic sign but also fierce. The Cancer crab died in a battle trying to defend his sea friends. Read more

New Moon In CAPRICORN December 2022

TIME OF BECOMING On December 23rd, there is a New Moon at one degree Capricorn - the last New Moon for 2022 - and the time to set your resolutions for 2023. Capricorn is cardinal and earthy, energy best suited for making plans and figuring out how to turn your dreams into goals. Read more