This Full Moon is happening at 3 degrees Capricorn, culminating the cycle that started with the New Moon in Capricorn at the beginning of the year.

Capricorn is the achiever sign of the zodiac, ruled by Saturn, who likes to plan and get things done. 

Time to reflect on how the seeds planted have blossomed since the beginning of the year. 

To celebrate what you have achieved.

And commit to keep working towards your goals. 

This Full Moon is in a very harmonious aspect (sextile) with Jupiter, the planet of good luck, growth, expansion and fortune. 

Abundance is on your side. 

It is an invitation to honestly think about what it is that you are trying to achieve. And how you can best achieve it. 

This Full Moon is a reminder that no hard work is in vain and that you are now at the beginning of a new journey.

It is not the time to give up but to keep sailing to new shores. 

Saturn, the ruler of the sign of this Full Moon, is in a difficult dance (square) with Uranus, the planet of radical change and freedom. It is challenging us to make sustainable changes that can have a lasting effect instead of reacting to our urges. 

Make a realistic plan of change that you can follow through. 

Venus, the planet that rules relationships, will be opposing the planet of transformation, Pluto. 

The way you relate to others is up for transformation. 

It is time to shed toxic dynamics in relationships. 

So you can form deeper bonds.

Use the next couple of weeks to gain clarity and prepare for the next New Moon in Cancer that comes with super manifesting powers.