February 2024 Full Moon In VIRGO

As we transition from the ideals of the New Moon in Aquarius, the February 2024 Full Moon at 5 degrees Virgo gently grounds us back to reality. The Full Moon in the earthy energy of Virgo peaks on February 24th. Virgo, under the guiding hand of Mercury, symbolises the power of mindfulness and attention to detail, reminding you to cherish the present moment and honour the small intricacies of life.
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New Moon In VIRGO September 2023

On September 15th, we are blessed with a wonderful New Moon at 21° Virgo. A highly auspicious New Moon to reset and set intentions.
This earthy New Moon in Virgo will move things forward and bring magic into our lives.
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Full Moon In VIRGO March 2023

WHAT IS STOPPING YOU On March 7th, 2023, there is a Full Moon at 16 degrees Virgo, the last one of the winter and the astrological year. Virgo is an earth (practical) sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of knowledge. Virgo energy knows what works and what doesn’t. You can use this energy to decide what needs to go and what needs to stay. Read more

New Moon In VIRGO August 2022

There is a New Moon at 4 degrees Virgo on August 27th. Virgo is an earth, mutable sign. It grounds and changes the energy after the fiery Leo season in preparation for autumn. Virgo likes to be practical, organised and de-clutter. What area of your life do you need to bring order to the most? Read more