June 2024 New Moon In Gemini

As the June 2024 New Moon graces the sky at 16° Gemini on June 6th, we're invited to embrace the dual nature of airy Gemini. Known for its adaptability and intellectual prowess, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind. The sign of the twins, Gemini, encourages us to explore new narratives and rethink old patterns. This New Moon makes powerful aspects: it is conjunct Venus and square Saturn in Pisces, adding layers of depth to this lunar event.
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Full Moon In GEMINI November 2023

On November 27th we have a Full Moon at 4° Gemini, an air sign ruled by Mercury. Gemini’s symbol is the twins and symbolises communication, duality, and the dance of opposites. Full moons, with their luminous glow, have long been regarded as moments of culmination and illumination. The upcoming Full Moon in Gemini beckons us to explore the duality within ourselves, to seek clarity about our beliefs, and to navigate the uncharted waters of our desires.
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New Moon In GEMINI June 2023

On June 17-18, there is a New Moon at 26° Gemini, an air (intellectual) sign symbolised by the twins. This New Moon starts the Gemini lunar cycle, a period where we tend to be more curious and sociable. The next few weeks are suitable for meetings, research, learning and writing. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and planet of the mind, will superpower those activities. Get busy. Love thy self
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Full Moon In GEMINI December 2022

LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT On December 8th, there is a Full Moon at 16 degrees Gemini - an air, mutable sign that rules communication. Its ruler, Mercury, influences our minds. The Full Moon in Gemini is conjunct with Mars, currently in retrograde and out of bounds. Mars’ influence leads to action but also anger. This makes for a highly emotional and charged Full Moon. Read more

New Moon In GEMINI May 2022

On May 30th, there is a New Moon at 9 degrees Gemini, an air (intellectual) sign ruled by Mercury. During Gemini season, our minds and mental processes come into focus. Gemini rules communication, motion, learning, logic, social skills, and overactive mental processes. Read more