New Moon In PISCES February 2023

CREATE YOUR REALITY On February 20th, there is a super new moon at 1 degree Pisces, the last zodiac sign before a new astrological year starts. Pisces is a water (emotional) sign, sensitive and creative, ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams. Pisces energy can be emotionally overwhelming and bring healing and a sense of oneness. Despite being the last cycle of the astrological year, this New Moon brings a vital energy of new beginnings. Read more

Full Moon In PISCES September 2022

On September 10th, there is a Full Moon at 17 degrees Pisces - a water sign that is highly emotional and mystical. It is the zodiac's last sign and carries the endings' energy. Its ruler Neptune - the planet of dreams, oneness and unconditional love - will be conjunct this lunation, making it particularly magic, feeling and intuitive. Full moons occur when the Sun and the Moon are opposite each other, and they are a time of culmination and finding a balance between the energies of the two signs involved in the lunation. Read more