This is the first New Moon of the year, and suitably, Capricorn New Moons are great for making plans, focusing on goals and aiming high. 

If you haven’t yet, this is the time to set resolutions and plans in place for the year ahead. 

This particular New Moon will be powerful and transformative. 

Not only occurs at 23 degrees Capricorn (being 23 the number associated with Eris, the goddess of chaos) but also it’s conjunct (joins forces) with Pluto, the god of the underworld and the great transformer. 

It gives us the chance to reset, to find a new way to function and do things.  

To transform fear into power.  

To become a better version of ourselves. 

This is the grand finale to what you have been working on, struggling with this last year. This is your chance, like a phoenix, to rise from the ashes. 

A good way to start “a new you” is to do something different or unusual. Choose something you have always done in a certain way and change it.  

For those who know about houses and their ascendant, it is in the area of your chart ruled by Capricorn where this new cycle of transformation begins.  

New Moon ceremonies to set intentions is an ancient practice. It is when we consciously write down what we want that we co-create with the universe. And in the process, we dissolve our inner resistance. It is at the time of the New Moon and for the following 8-12h AFTER that are the most potent hours to set intentions. Up to 3 days is ok.   

Cosmoplanner January illustration is the wonderful work of Sarah Hards

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