Nourishing Your Soul into 2024

As we approach the end of 2023, the December 2023 Full Moon in Cancer brings the year to a close. We are invited to reflect under the tender gaze of the Cancerian moon.

Cancer is a water sign that rules home and family life. Full moons, with their magic glow, have long been regarded as moments of culmination and illumination. They bring clarity to the answers we seek.

This Full Moon is sextile Jupiter in Taurus and trine Saturn in Pisces.

Counting Blessings

Sextile Jupiter in Taurus adds a touch of cosmic abundance to the lunar embrace. Take a moment to count your blessings, grateful for the simple joys and the profound moments. In the earthy energy of Taurus, find grounding and appreciation for the nourishing aspects of life.

This Full Moon becomes a celestial reminder to acknowledge and be thankful for what you have.


The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27th beckons us to the hearth of home and family life. Cancer, the sign of emotional depth and nurturing, guides us to reflect on the essence of feeling nourished.

As you gather with those who are family, pause and ponder—do these connections bring a sense of belonging and nourishment to your soul?

Karmic release

Trine Saturn in Pisces extends an invitation to take responsibility for your own nourishment and feeling supported. Saturn, the lord of karma, encourages us to release any negative karmic patterns that no longer serve us. As the cosmic waters of Pisces flow, cleanse and replenish your emotional well-being.

Embrace the power to nourish yourself, breaking free from patterns that hinder your growth.

December 2023 Full Moon in Cancer: Nourishing Your Soul into 2024

As the last Full Moon of 2023 bathes us in its gentle glow, let the reflections of home, gratitude, and self-nourishment guide you into the new year.

Cancer’s embrace reminds us to seek and cultivate the sources of true nourishment, fostering a sense of belonging and love.

Under the Saturnian gaze, release the old to make space for the new, and step into the new year with a soul well-nourished and ready to embrace the new blessings coming your way in 2024.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

With love and care,


After the Full Moon we enter the waning phase of the lunar cycle. Use the next two weeks to release any patterns that are holding you back in preparation for the upcoming New Moon in Capricorn.

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