This is the second consecutive Full Moon in the same sign, happening at 29 degrees of Aquarius.

Saturn and Uranus both rule Aquarius, and they have both been in a square (tense communication) the whole year. Saturn takes time; Uranus acts without warning. 

Should I stay, or should I go?

If the last Full Moon brought clarity on what you need to change, this one brings the answer to what you need to do.

Jupiter is joining the Full Moon, bringing the energy of abundance, luck and success to whatever you decide to do.

This Full Moon is also auspicious to gain clarity thanks to Uranus (insights), trine Mercury (ideas) and Mars (action). 

Venus, together with Saturn, will bring balance and stability.

It is the time to make changes that brings you to a better place.

While there are many issues to overcome here on Earth, plenty of universal goodness is coming from the stars – giving us the energy and the power to act and bring on the change needed. 

Know your worth, and don’t be afraid to take action. 

This is one of the best times to do that. 

For the good of you and the good of all. 

Use the next couple of weeks to do the work and prepare for the next New Moon in Virgo. 

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