As the Full Moon shines in the sign of Libra on April 6th, our hearts and emotions are heightened with a sense of love and connection.

In Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, the Moon encourages us to look inward and find balance within ourselves and our relationships with others.


This Full Moon in Libra calls upon us to let go of any negative energy, self-doubt or fear holding us back from making deep connections with others.

Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon, is making a harmonious aspect (trine) to Pluto. Take this invitation to reflect on your relationships and how you can strengthen your connections with others.


The Full Moon in Libra urges us to recognize the power of love and compassion and their profound impact on our lives.

The opposition to Chiron in Aries reminds us that love and compassion start with us.

The path to healthy relationships starts with a healthy sense of self. Not a perfect sense of self, but having a loving relationship with ourselves based on practising acceptance, self-love and compassion. Speak to yourself lovingly.

Use this lunation to write a love letter to yourself.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.



So, let us embrace this moment and allow the energy of the Full Moon in Libra to guide us to find balance and joy within ourselves and our relationships.

Remember that relationships need to be equal. We are to receive as much as we give.

After all, the symbol for Libra is the scales that aim to find balance.

  • What can you offer to others?
  • Do you give more than you receive?
  • Do you care more about the other’s needs than your own?
  • How are your relationships a reflection of how you relate to yourself?

Use the end of the Moon cycle to let go of any fears and outdated relationship dynamics that no longer serve you in preparation for the upcoming New Moon in Aries and the beginning of the eclipse season.

Practice self-love. You are worth it.

With love and care,


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