Unveiling Your Radiance

The first Full Moon of 2024 is upon us! The January 2024 Full Moon at 5° Leo graces us on the 25th.

Full Moons, with their radiant beams, have long been revered as moments of revelation and emotional intensity. This time, the spotlight falls on Leo, the fiery and expressive sign ruled by the sun.

Opposite Pluto in Aquarius and square Jupiter in Taurus, this Full Moon in Leo invites us to journey into the depths of our true selves.

Emotionally Intense

This Full Moon holds a mirror to our emotional landscapes. Leo, the lion-hearted, encourages us to ask profound questions about our true selves.

Are our actions aligned with our passions and deepest desires?
Are we playing small when we possess the capability to shine brightly?

The opposition with Pluto in Aquarius intensifies this inquiry, compelling us to dig deep and unearth the authentic essence of who we are.

Expanding Beliefs

Jupiter in Taurus forms a square with the Leo Full Moon, expanding our beliefs in our own worth.

Do we value our talents and skills enough?
Are we allowing ourselves to dream big and believe in the vastness of our capabilities?

This square challenges us to reassess our self-worth and break free from limiting beliefs. Trusting in our abilities becomes paramount as we navigate the currents of self-discovery.

Embracing Wholeness

Full Moons bring light to the darkest corners of our being. As the Leo Full Moon shines its luminous beams, it guides us to reconnect with those long-lost dreams and aspirations.

Let your feelings be the compass, leading you to the answers that resonate with your true self. It’s a time to release what no longer serves us, making space for the blossoming of our authentic selves.

January 2024 Full Moon in Leo: Unveiling Your Radiance

As the January 2024 Full Moon in Leo graces the night sky, bask in its radiant energy. Embrace the intensity, allowing it to reveal the authenticity within. Use this cosmic moment to expand your beliefs in self-worth.

Trust your emotions, let your heart speak, and reconnect with the dreams that make your soul dance.

In the magic embrace of the Full Moon, become whole and release what no longer serves you.

With love and care,


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