As we welcome the New Moon in Taurus on May 8th, 2024, at 18° Taurus, we’re invited to bask in the earthy abundance and steadfast energy of this sensual sign. Taurus, ruled by Venus, embodies qualities of stability, security, and appreciation for life’s pleasures.

This New Moon is particularly potent. It aligns with Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus, amplifying the potential for growth, love, and liberation. Additionally, it forms a harmonious sextile aspect with Saturn in Pisces, grounding our aspirations and commitments for the long haul.

Cultivating Gratitude and Recognition

Abundance isn’t just about material wealth; it’s about recognizing and appreciating the richness of life in all its forms. Venus, the planet of love and abundance, encourages you to feel grateful for what you have, fostering a sense of contentment and sufficiency.

With Jupiter’s expansive energy, you’re invited to amplify these feelings of abundance, allowing yourself to dream bigger and aim higher.

Uranus adds an unexpected twist, freeing you from limiting beliefs and expanding your perception of what’s possible. Planting the seeds of abundance during this fertile New Moon sets the stage for a blossoming future filled with prosperity and fulfillment.

Nurturing Seeds of Belief

Taurus, symbolising the spirit of spring and growth, reminds you that every seed you plant requires care and attention to flourish. Just as the seeds sown in the earth now begin to reach their fullness, so too must you nurture your dreams with patience and perseverance.

Jupiter, the planet of belief, urges you to maintain faith in your aspirations. Trust that they will come to fruition with time and dedication.

Saturn’s sextile reminds you of the importance of commitment and resilience. A reassurance that even when doubts arise, your steadfast resolve will carry you through.

Honouring the Journey of Growth

Reflect on your past achievements and the journey that has brought you to this moment. And practice gratitude for all that you have accomplished. Each step taken, each seed planted, has brought you closer to your goals.

Embrace the abundance that surrounds you. Know that with belief, commitment, and patience, your dreams will continue to manifest and flourish.

May this New Moon in Taurus inspire you to recognise the abundance within and around you, nurturing a sense of gratitude and fulfilment as you move forward on your journey of growth and transformation.

May 2024 New Moon in Taurus: Embracing Abundance

As the May 2024 New Moon in Taurus illuminates the sky, let’s harness its fertile energy to cultivate abundance in our lives. By embracing gratitude, belief, and commitment, you sow the seeds of your dreams, nurturing them into flourishing realities. Embrace the journey, cherish the process, and revel in the abundance that awaits.

With love and care,


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