On the night of April 30th into May 1st, we celebrate the rawest and happiest of all Sabbaths: Beltane. While the meaning of the word remains somewhat unclear, we can agree that Beltane is all about light, fertility and growth. 

After the spring equinox in March, the light rules our surroundings now; we see it not only in the much longer evenings but also in the endless palette of colours all around us. 

The earth is fertile now, and a lot of animals are having their young. Witches all over the world are said to fly to their holy mountains, and in many places, you can see traditional Maypoles being put up – a symbol of fertility and union. 

Feel alive

The seeds we planted in the darkness and grew as the light returned, now have the opportunity to bloom. The ideas we have been brooding on can now turn into action. 

It is time to own up to our resolutions and visions with the help of the divine within ourselves. 

Beltane is strong and raw in all aspects. 

We are invited to let our emotions come to the surface and celebrate them – isn’t it wonderful that we are alive to feel the entire range, see all the colours? 

To honour the energy of Beltane you can decorate your space (or yourself for that matter) with colourful flowers. Spend time in nature if you can and marvel at the beauty of spring. You might want to prepare a maypole and decorate it with flying ribbons. Light candles and meditate on fertility and growth. 

Ask yourself which of your dreams, wishes or goals you want to bring into bloom. What kind of fertiliser do you need? Which habits, parts of your life or relationships stop you from growing? Which ones give you the energy to bloom? If journaling is something you like, write it all down. 

You could also sit with someone dear to you and ask each other those questions. Maybe paint a picture – be creative!

Feel the glow

On Beltane, it is common to light bonfires and jump over them. Celtic Druids used to set up bonfires that were said to have healing powers. People would jump over the fire to ensure protection. Do just that, literally or figuratively. 

Let all your energy come out, be it happy, sad, giddy, tearful or desperate. See its flames, feel its heat – and then take that leap and fly over your own fire. 

You have all the power you need to protect yourself. Celebrate whatever comes up – knowing that it is there to make your life better! 

When the fires calms down, just sit with it and feel the glow. 

Blessed Beltane!

“All we need is a spark, spark – spark in the dark” (Alice Cooper)

Kerstin Wolff

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