On August 12, a Full Moon is happening at 19 degrees of Aquarius, the sign of the rebel and radical change in search of freedom and the greater good.

Aquarius is an air (intellectual) fixed sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

This is a very important Full Moon, it happens halfway the lunar nodes of destiny and very close to Earth. It might also feel heavy as the Moon will be conjunct Saturn.

Full moons are a time of culmination and manifestation when things come to full bloom and the new energy that started at the time of the New Moon peaks.

What have you been working on that is ready to be manifested?

This lunation has a strong manifesting energy, bringing in the energies of radical change (square Uranus) and sustainability (conjunct Saturn).


It is undeniable that the last two years have brought a lot of collective changes. And for some, personal changes too.

Uranus is the planet that brings insights and breakthroughs that makes you want to make radical changes in your lives. But it is also tiny continuous changes that lead to sustainable change.


This lunation will bring clarity on what is blocking you and the limitations that keep you stuck. Take responsibility for those and for breaking free.

You will need Saturn’s responsibility and commitment to make those changes.

And once you do, you’ll reap Uranus’ promise of freedom.

Use the next couple of weeks to finish up and clear away what you have been avoiding – make space for the upcoming New Moon in Virgo.

With love and care,


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