On December 8th, there is a Full Moon at 16 degrees Gemini – an air, mutable sign that rules communication. Its ruler, Mercury, influences our minds.

The Full Moon in Gemini is conjunct with Mars, currently in retrograde and out of bounds. Mars’ influence leads to action and also anger. This makes for a highly emotional and charged Full Moon.

How do you express your anger? How do you communicate beyond your emotional reactions?

Change of narrative

Most of our emotional reactions result from narratives we tell ourselves and how we interpret and see the world around us. And the undealt trauma left by past experiences.

You can blame the other or take responsibility for how you feel and calmly communicate whatever boundaries have been crossed or needs not met.

Use this Full Moon in Gemini to gain clarity on what mindset and narrative are outdated, therefore causing you to react emotionally rather than from a higher mind.

Old patterns

The Full Moon in Gemini is trine Saturn in Aquarius, the lord of karma and time. Use this energy to clarify what patterns that are no longer serving you.

Saturn is also structure – what familiar structures are now limiting you?

You can’t keep putting energy into the same familiar things if they limit you because they will trigger you instead of supporting you and helping you grow.

Love thy self

With the Mars influence, Black Moon Lilith, Medusa and Pluto will be active this lunation. They all carry powerful, raw and dark energy. This will be a test to embracing your dark side.

When you fuck up – how do you talk to yourself? It is easy to love the part of us we like. It is hard to love the part of us that we don’t like, that reacts and acts in ways we feel ashamed.

Likely, Venus, the planet of love, will be at the Galactic Centre – the universe’s heart. It is a powerful point, and she will channel great healing energies to aid you in practising compassion and self-love. And love the whole of you.

Whatever happens or you do in the coming days, choose self-compassion over self-judgement. And choose loving yourself over punishing yourself.

“Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better.”
― Maya Angelou

This Full Moon in Gemini is an excellent opportunity to write a letter of forgiveness to yourself and others. Release it by burning it.

Use the next couple of weeks to release and let go of what is outdated in preparation for the upcoming New Moon in Capricorn.

With love and care,


Look at what was happening in May 30th for the New Moon in Gemini and what has become clear now.

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