On August 31st, there is a Full Super Blue Moon at 7° in the dreamy sign of Pisces. It will be the second Full Moon this month (hence it is called a Blue Moon) and very close to the Earth (Super Moon). Full Super Blue Moons are rare and therefore, powerful.

This Full Moon in Pisces is conjunct Saturn inviting you to take responsibility for your dreams.


Neptune, the planet of dreams, imagination and ruler of Pisces, will be very active this Full Moon. It will be connected (sextile) to Pluto (fears) and Uranus (change).

  • What are you afraid of?
  • Can you handle change?

Those are questions to reflect on the night of the Full Moon.

Pisces loves to dream, imagine the impossible and feel forever connected. Pisces is also the last sign of the zodiac wheel, which means you only reap the rewards after you have done Pluto and Uranus’ work.

The path to your dream life requires overcoming fears and change.

Fears lose power once you can name them. Fear is a feeling. If you allow it to speak, it will empower you; try to ignore it and it will freeze you.

Change is the portal to new opportunities.


Pisces energy invites you to connect with your dreams, intuition and psychic powers and trust what you sense and feel. When there is a Full Moon in Pisces, the Moon is fully illuminated by the Sun, which is in the opposite sign of Virgo.

If you dream of going on vacation, Pisces will get lost in feeling good about being on vacation. On the other hand, Virgo will want to know the details of that dream vacation: the where, the how, the what and the who.

As good as it feels to dream, thanks to Virgo’s attention to detail, this vacation will happen in line with what makes you feel good.

Because only you know what is best for you, even if you don’t always make the best choices, often due to fears.

And if you think you don’t know, this Full Moon in Pisces is the time to figure it out. There is also a strong retrograde energy on the way until mid-September, inviting you to slow down and look within for answers.

Take some time to reflect.


The Full Moon in Pisces joining Saturn might feel heavy. After all, Saturn is the planet of responsibility but also success.

The path to your dreams requires you to take responsibility for them because only you know what those dreams are.

Taking responsibility doesn’t mean doing everything. It means allowing something to happen by doing the work that is yours to do and allowing the universe to do theirs.

Your responsibility is to set intentions and take action in alignment with your dreams while surrendering to the magic of the cosmos to illuminate the way.

Saturn will provide the determination, commitment and discipline to do that consistently. So that every day, you are a step closer to your dreams.

Because if you do Saturn’s work, success awaits you!

With love and care,


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