Scorpio energy is emotional, deep, transformative and intense. Full Moons are emotional as they are the culmination of the Moon cycle when everything blossoms.

This Full Moon will be highly emotional.

It occurs under the influence (trine) of Mars (the fighter), currently in the emotional sign of Cancer – adding fire to the turmoil.

Opposing the Full Moon, we find Uranus, the rebel, who wants to do things differently. 

Use the intensity of the emotions and the rebellious energy to make positive changes because passion can create and destroy. Choose wisely. 

But how can you choose wisely in the sea of emotional confusion?

Validate your emotions. 

There is no right or wrong. 

Whatever you are feeling is fine. 

Let the tears cleanse your soul.  

Know you have the strength to just be with them.

Be with them, and just like you blow a candle – let them out.

 And clarity will come. 

Use the next couple of weeks to finish up and clear out what no longer feels right to make space for the upcoming New Moon in Taurus. 

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