This is the second New Moon of the astrological year.

Taurus is an earth sign that likes to keep its feet on the ground. But to keep your feet on the ground, you need to know yourself to stand tall and unafraid of the storms. 

The energy of this New Moon asks you to focus on yourself. 

Venus, the ruler of the sign of Taurus, asks you to value yourself. 

The Moon will be kissing Black Moon Lilith, the dark wild feminine, helping you to bring out what has been repressed so you can embrace it without shame.

The New Moon will be in a positive conversation/aspect with (sextile) Neptune, your higher self who wants the best for you and (trine) Pluto, the lord of death and rebirth. This gives you the energy to let go of what is not good for you – once and for all. 

Accept and value yourself.

Take care of yourself

And bring the dark into the light.

Embrace your uniqueness.

Reflect on what is good for you and be open to receive it. 

New Moon ceremonies to set intentions is an ancient practice. It is when we consciously write down what we want that we co-create with the Universe. And in the process, we dissolve our inner resistance. It is at the time of the New Moon and for the following 8-12h AFTER that are the most potent hours to set intentions. Up to 3 days is ok. 

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