On November 8th, there is a Full Moon at 16 degrees Taurus and a total Lunar Eclipse. The culmination of the Eclipse season that started in April 2022. The energies can be traced back to December 2021, when the lunar nodes entered the Taurus/Scorpio axis.

The Full Moon in Taurus is in fixed signs (stubborn) and making a tense aspect with Saturn (lord of karma), also in a fixed sign. It means a lot of tension but also a lot of stubbornness to carry on no matter what.

“The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.” -Chinese Proverb.

Collectively and personally, there have been a lot of changes to navigate in the last couple of years. Maybe some clarity has been gained. And now those changes are starting the bear fruit.

Winds of change

The Eclipse happens close to Uranus, the planet of radical change. And Eclipses are indeed a time of transition and unexpected fate.

But what is real change?

Changing your circumstances is not changing your reality. You might move to a new place and live the same old way, or you might change partners to end up with the same dynamics, different jobs – same struggles.

Real change comes from within. Your reality will never be a reflection above your sense of self-worth. During Taurus season, you work on your true worth. During Scorpio season, you work on what you get in exchange for your worth.


Mercury (mindset), Venus (worth) and the lord of reality (Saturn) are involved in the Full Moon in Taurus.

How is your reality a reflection of your mindset and sense of self-worth?

Go deep within and find those ideas (Mercury), beliefs and blocks shaping your reality (Saturn) against what you truly desire (Venus).

Eclipse brings powerful transformative energy to release karma and limiting ideas about yourself and clear the way for more empowering ideas about yourself and the world.

Follow the warrior’s path, and take full responsibility for your reality (Saturn) instead of placing the blame (and giving the power away in doing so) on others and external circumstances. You can decide how much you let the outer world affects you and your well-being.


The key to true transformation is self-love: loving yourself unconditionally no matter what. Start practising self-compassion, and a better reality will follow.

Use the next couple weeks to release and let go of what is outdated in preparation for the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius.

On the day of the Full Moon, Mercury will start its third phase – you have time until the end of the year to birth what you have been working on since the end of September.

With love and care,


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