The upcoming New Moon at 29 degrees Aries on April 20th brings much energy and power into your lives.

The New Moon occurs in the highly symbolic last degree of Aries and brings a Hybrid Solar Eclipse. This rare event pairs well with the fiery nature of Aries, the sign of the Ram, associated with courage and assertiveness.

A Hybrid Eclipse is an extremely rare eclipse that moves between a Total (the Sun is blocked) and an Annular Eclipse (ring of fire around the Sun).


If New moons are a chance to reset, solar eclipses bring powerful new energy to completely restart an area of your life.

As if that wasn’t enough, the New Moon is also conjunct Jupiter in Aries, a planet known for its expansiveness, generosity, and good fortune. This will boost your confidence and motivate you to act towards your goals and dreams.

Additionally, the New Moon is in conjunction with Vesta in Taurus, giving you the energy and drive to focus on your passions and deepest desires. This is the perfect time to reflect on what brings you joy and fulfilment and dedicate yourself to those things.

If you have been indecisive, you have no more excuses – the time is now.

Or almost.


Shall I start, or shall I not?

Coinciding with the start of the life-changing eclipse season, Mercury retrogrades a day after the New Moon in Aries.

Retrogrades are a time to look inward, reassess and upgrade. In Taurus, Mercury retrograde invites us to look into our values and sense of self-worth.

How do you present yourself to others? And how do you show up?

This exciting New Moon also squares Pluto in Aquarius, a call for profound truths to arise. Pluto will ask you to look at what lies beneath the mask, waiting to show up.

The only way out to the light is through the dark.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 19th, powered by the Bull and a few days after Mercury goes direct, will be the time to start.

No more excuses

With the combination of Aries’ courage, Jupiter’s good fortune, Vesta’s dedication, and Pluto’s power, it’s time for you to embrace your aspirations fully and boldly, focus on your passions, and trust your abilities to overcome any challenges that come your way.

Harness the energy of this truly remarkable event and allow it to propel you forward towards your highest potential.

No more excuses.

Say yes to yourself and join the upcoming Aries New Moon + Solar Eclipse Circle to work with these cosmic energies. A magical evening designed to empower you!

With love and care,


New Moon ceremonies to set intentions are an ancient practice. When we consciously write down what we want, we co-create with the Universe. And in the process, we dissolve our inner resistance. It is the time of the New Moon, and the following 8-12h AFTER are the most potent hours to set intentions. Up to 3 days is ok.

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