We are on the brink of a powerful cosmic event—the New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th. This potent New Moon at 20° Scorpio carries the energies to make radical changes in your life. Scorpio, a fixed water sign, encourages us to find serenity amid turbulence. It recognises that within the storm lies the transformative power that leads to growth.

This New Moon in Scorpio is conjunct Mars, opposite Uranus in Taurus, and trine with Neptune in Pisces. These powerful energies promise profound transformation in alignment with the cosmos.


In the cosmic theatre, the New Moon in Scorpio takes centre stage, across the electric energy of Uranus. This cosmic alliance encourages us to rebel against our default patterns of behaviour. It urges us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace radical change.

It’s a cosmic call to question the status quo and challenge the routines that bind us. Uranus in Taurus leads this rebellion, pushing us to break free from the shackles of familiarity and embrace the unknown. It is time for radical shifts in our lives.

Rebel for a purpose.

Knowing What You Want

Mars, the red planet of drive and determination, joins forces with the New Moon in Scorpio. This fiery energy infuses us with the courage to pursue our desires. This cosmic partnership empowers us with a crystal-clear understanding of what we truly want. It’s a cosmic gift that cuts through the fog of indecision, providing the clarity needed to take bold and decisive action.

As the New Moon unfolds, let Mars be your guide, propelling you forward with unwavering determination. With every step, you align your actions with the potent energies of Scorpio, setting the stage for personal empowerment and profound transformation.

Your desires matter.

Cosmic Alignment

Amidst the cosmic symphony, Neptune in Pisces adds a touch of ethereal magic to the New Moon in Scorpio. This watery trine invites us to explore the depths of our desires and ensures that what we seek is perfectly aligned with the cosmos.

Neptune’s influence transcends the material realm, guiding us to dream big and connect with our spiritual aspirations. As the New Moon dances in Scorpio’s intensity, Neptune’s gentle current carries our intentions into the cosmic flow, harmonising our dreams with the universe’s grand design.

You are part of the cosmic tapestry.

In conclusion, as we stand on the threshold of the New Moon in Scorpio, with the dynamic conjunction of Mars, the rebellious influence of Uranus, and the dreamy trine with Neptune, we find ourselves at the crossroads of personal evolution.

Embrace the rebellion against old patterns, let the drive of Mars propel you towards your desires, and trust that Neptune in Pisces aligns your dreams with the cosmic tapestry.

As the New Moon in Scorpio graces the night sky, let it be a beacon guiding you towards a future filled with purpose, passion, and cosmic alignment.

With love and care,


New Moon ceremonies to set intentions are an ancient practice. When we consciously write down what we want, we co-create with the Universe. And in the process, we dissolve our inner resistance. It is the time of the New Moon, and the following 8-12h AFTER are the most potent hours to set intentions. Up to 3 days is ok.

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