The upcoming New Moon at 28 degrees Taurus on May 19th is a highly auspicious beginning of a new lunar cycle.

Taurus is an earth sign, grounded and practical, and this New Moon is going to be particularly potent as it forms a sextile aspect to Mars in Leo, Neptune in Pisces, and a trine aspect to Pluto in Aquarius.

If you’re wondering what all this means, it suggests that this New Moon will be a perfect time to set intentions in self-love, creativity, and money

Nurture your finances

Taurus is the sign of abundance, so this is the perfect time to focus on your finances, from cutting unnecessary expenses to thinking about increasing your income or finding new opportunities to make money.

Venus, the planet of love and abundance, rules Taurus, so set intentions to attract abundance and prosperity into your life.

Be creative

With Mars in Leo, you can expect to feel inspired, confident, and passionate about your goals. Neptune in Pisces will help you tap into your intuition and creativity. And Pluto in Aquarius will give you the push you need to go deep.

This is a perfect time to tap into your creative side. Start an art project, venture into something new and exciting or accomplish what you’ve been putting off.

You can also use this energy to steer your life in a new direction.

Focus on self-worth

This New Moon in Taurus encourages you to plant seeds of self-worth by investing in yourself – whether that means starting a new exercise regimen, pampering yourself with self-care, or making practical financial decisions.

Focus on what needs to change in your life to feel more valued and empowered.

Trust in the transformational energy of Pluto to birth a new sense of self by releasing limiting beliefs or destructive habits.

Use this lunation to step into your power, your inner strength and a deep sense of self-worth. Remember, it is an ongoing journey.

Invest in yourself and join the upcoming Taurus New Moon Circle to work with these prosperous energies. A magical evening designed to empower you!

With love and care,


New Moon ceremonies to set intentions are an ancient practice. When we consciously write down what we want, we co-create with the Universe. And in the process, we dissolve our inner resistance. It is the time of the New Moon, and the following 8-12h AFTER are the most potent hours to set intentions. Up to 3 days is ok.

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