On August 1st, we have a Super Full Moon at 9° Aquarius, an air (intellectual) sign that cares about the future.

Aquarius’ symbol is the water bearer that washes away the past to make space for a fresh, new start. This Full Moon in Aquarius invites you to just do that in whatever aspect of your life you need clearing out and, in particular, releasing the wound of shining your light.

The wound

Currently, Chiron, the wounded healer, and Venus, the planet of self-love, are in retrograde, bringing self-worth issues to the surface. The Full Moon intensity and the square with Jupiter will amplify and bring healing to those themes.

The path to healing is self-love, and you can start by writing an appreciation letter for everything you are.

Jupiter’s role in this lunation also involves (trine) Mars, the warrior. Harness the passionate energies of the Full Moon in Aquarius and commit to releasing any fears you have about being seen, speaking up and letting others know your feelings.

This is a magical time to take action and follow the warrior’s path: stand up and shine.


‘Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.’
Khalil Gibran

Do you care about someone, let them know.

If you appreciate someone’s friendship, let them know.

Do you love someone, let them know.

If you have an important message to share, let the world know.

Allow fears of not being enough and not belonging to arise, for they are part of our human experience. They require that you love them through compassion and gratitude.


When you give home to all your emotions, you develop an inner sense of belonging, and you can fearlessly shine your light into the world. You love your light and your darkness.

Venus’s conversation (square) with Uranus, ruler of this Full Moon in Aquarius, will give you the extra sparkles to make those radical changes and cultivate self-love with drive and commitment.

Don’t let fear rule over the love you have. It is the light that keeps you and the world warm and alive.

Use the last two weeks of the Moon cycle to reflect, release fears, and prepare for the upcoming New Moon in Leo.

With love and care,


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