On July 17th, there is a New Moon at 24° Cancer, an emotional water sign. The Moon, the ruler of Cancer, feels good, safe and protected, making this New Moon extra magical.

The upcoming New Moon in Cancer starts a new lunar cycle focusing on self-care and emotional healing. And it invites you to trust the process of life.

Comfort zone

Feeling at home is very much a Cancer trait. Feeling at home means feeling comfortable, familiar and safe. While you can easily feel that by staying within what is familiar, comfortable and safe, this is not Cancer’s highest goal.

Instead, every New Moon in Cancer invites you to build your inner home, feeling safe within, so wherever you go feels like home. And the only way to do that is by learning to take care of your ever-changing emotions, connecting and taking care of your needs.

In other words, mothering the inner child so it feels love and support.

Radical change

Uranus, the planet of radical change, is helpfully active (sextile) this New Moon in Cancer, inviting you to come to terms with change.

Cancer’s ruler, the Moon, embodies the process of life with her ever-changing phases. Only change is guaranteed in life. Cancer’s energy, like the waterfall, constantly moves.

How can you, at once, move and feel safe?

When you learn how to deal with change. When you recognise the fears that come with change and talk yourself out of them – you take care of them.

Trust the process

Caring for yourself is a magical and healing process that allows you to fly beyond your comfort zone. It takes courage, but you are never alone. The Universe always has your back. You only need to trust.

The New Moon in Cancer is opposite Pluto, the lord of transformation whose goal is surrendering you to life. Pluto asks you to eliminate anything not aligned with the ever-flowing process of life, to move from fear to trust.

Take care of your fears, and you will build up the trust. Let them speak up and comfort them like you would if they were your children.

This lunation invites you to take care of the whole of you. Because you can and because it is worth it.

Join the Cancer New Moon circle as a radical act of self-care.

With love and care,


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