On January 6th, there is the first Full Moon of 2023 at 16 degrees in the emotional sign of Cancer. A water, cardinal sign ruled by the Moon and symbolised by the crab.

Cancer is associated with loyalty and care for those you love – an empathetic sign but also fierce. The Cancer crab died in a battle trying to defend his sea friends.

It takes action when it matters and is brave enough to die in the process.

Culmination – New Moon in Cancer

Full moons are a time of culmination and clarity when things come to light, and we are full and ready to deal with them or let them go.

Look for clues in July 2022 during the Cancer season. What issues are culminating now?

What intentions did you set for the New Moon in Cancer six months ago?

It is when we stop and reflect that we can improve and grow. And during the days around a Full Moon, your intuition is heightened.

To care for

Cancer is the sign of home and self-care, and as fierce and brave as the crab can be, its aim is not to die but to thrive.

To not lose yourself in the battles and the busyness of the outside world, caring Cancer energy invite us never to forget our needs, to honour and protect them.

Because your well-being is worth caring for, it is the nourishing well you can always drink from.

Are you being overly ambitious and disregarding your need to pause and rest?

The warrior within

This Full Moon in Cancer is making an aspect (square) to Chiron in Aries, the wounded healer in the sign of the warrior.

Also, in Cancer, we have Black Moon Lilith, the raw energy of the feminine, in opposition to Pluto, the great transformer.

This lunation also makes an aspect (sextile) to Uranus in Taurus, the planet of change in the sign of values.

There is potential for great transformation.

To radically change how you value yourself, regardless of how inadequate you might feel. Through self-love and compassion.

Your life matters not to die but to nourish and care for your dreams, wishes and desires.

Let the warrior within go for what you care so much about that you would give your life.

For the next two weeks, use Cancer’s intuition to gain clarity, release and get ready to take action – the upcoming New Moon Aquarius is when the new year truly starts.

With love and care,


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