On September 10th, there is a Full Moon at 17 degrees Pisces – a water sign that is highly emotional and mystical. It is the zodiac’s last sign and carries the endings’ energy.

Its ruler Neptune – the planet of dreams, oneness and unconditional love – will be conjunct this lunation, making it particularly magic, feeling and intuitive.

Full moons occur when the Sun and the Moon are in opposition. They are a time of culmination and finding a balance between the energies of the two signs involved in the lunation.

Pisces and Virgo

When there is a Full Moon in Pisces, the Moon is in Pisces, and the Sun is in its opposite sign, Virgo. If Pisces is magical and intuitive, Virgo is rational and practical.

How do you balance magic and practicality?

When do you allow your intuition to guide you?

And when do you need your rationale to take the lead?

Mercury rules Virgo, and on the day of the Full Moon in Pisces, it will turn retrograde. When Mercury is retrograde, you might experience difficulties in those areas ruled by Mercury: writing, communication, travelling etc. On the other hand, intuition is high.

This, together with the emotional waters of the Full Moon in Pisces, might feel scattered and chaotic.

As unsettling as chaos might feel, in a sea of infinite possibilities you have a chance to create a new order, a new way.

Mars in Gemini (the sign of communication ruled by Mercury) will stimulate Mercury in Libra (the sign of relationships). Helping you to find new ways of communicating with others or gaining clarity on how effectively you do that.

You might need to drop into your heart to find this new way, and feel it instead of thinking it.


Venus (ruler of Libra) and Mars, the cosmic lovers, are also entangled in a beautiful trine that will bring flow and help things to fall into place easily.

Uranus, the planet of radical change, will also be making a wonderful aspect (trine) to the lunation, bringing manifesting powers and creative energy to whatever dreams (Neptune) you wish for (Mars).

What do you wish for?

Remember that Pisces has the energy of endings. It’s time to release what is getting in the way of your dreams!

This Full Moon in Pisces connects to the New Moon in Pisces on March 2nd 2022.

What was happening then that has now come to full light?

Use the next couple weeks to clarify what you need to release and let go in preparation for the upcoming New Moon in Libra and Mercury going direct.

With love and care,


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